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Everything you need to get into Electronics!

What’s that? You don’t have a soldering iron? Well, 8BitCADE has you covered, with the 8BitCADE tool kit, you’ll have all of the tools you need to start your 8BitCADE project – or any electronic project for that matter.

What's in the kit:

Soldering iron

The main tool in your arsenal that you will be needing. Forget bulky soldering stations, this USB soldering iron can be powered from any USB device and feels great in the hand! Its super light and handy and can heat up in 15 seconds! Comes with a protective cap to stop oxidation and a stand so you don’t burn your workstation!


This is what the soldering iron melts to join the components to the PCB. We gave you a full spool of high-quality solder to make your soldering experience more enjoyable and so you can continue to create even more electronic projects!

Screw driver kit

A full interchangeable screwdriver bit set, use to screw your kit together! You will get over 32 interchangeable heads allowing you to take on a variety of electronic projects! But wait there’s even more!