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Each Console has its own line of games. If you choose to download the IDE (.ino)  versions then you can see how each game is coded for each console, and how they differ. From differences in microprocessors to screens, each console has a wide range of games – click on the buttons below to check out the games available for your 8BitCADE console.

Before you start!

Before you start you need to have Arduino installed. Arduino is the IDE that we will use to talk to our gaming console. Arduino is made up of two popular languages – C and C++. What the Arduino IDE is, is a platform for us to write and upload code in. IDE stands for integrated development environment. The below video will walk you through how to install the Arduino IDE and set it up for your 8BitCADE console.

Infinite Gaming

Play on over 200+ Retro games. Discover them here
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To make, if you haven't already, your new console and see it work in front of your eyes! 

To learn more about the programming side of your new console and how it works! Even program your own game!