Update: First Sample Arrived + New Tutorial!

Update: First Sample Arrived + New Tutorial!

Hi Makers!

Hope you are all well!

We have a bunch of things to tell you, so let’s get started!

First Samples have arrived!

We have just received the first samples for both the 8BitCADE XL and the 8BitCADE Tool Kit and oh boy are we pleased! The tools are looking sleek, the PCB’s well made and the components well packaged.  We have, however, gone through and sent back some adjustments to make to ensure you guys get the best possible quality kit. We are on track, at the moment, to be shipping your consoles to you mid-to-late November – Ill keep you updated if there are any changes!

Updated Game Image!

We also made some improvement to the game image, from adjusting and adding games to creating some snazzy category screens! Take a look!

Note these can look blurry due to their small size (128×64 pixels). However, these look crisp on the 8BitCADE XL screen!

New tutorial on the horizon?

While we have been working hard getting your consoles ready, we have also clocked in over 40+ hours working on a new coding tutorial for you guys to add to our already growing list of project-based tutorials over at the 8BitCADE website.

Check them out at 8bitcade.com/learn/8bitcadexl.Any guesses on what it might be? We will keep you updated as we continue developing it! It’s coming very soon!

Learn more about 8BitCADE:

Any makers read HackSpace? Well, they recently released issue 36, a great read that covers 3D printing, microcontrollers and….8BitCADE! I jumped on a call with HackSpace to talk about the 8BitCADE, my favourite retro game and my journey so far. If any of that interests you, be sure to check it out, the PDF version is free at:


Kickstarter Surveys

Thank you to all those that have filled out their surveys, you guys are brilliant. We still, however, have 11 makers who haven’t yet filled it out!I will get in contact with you soon to let you know but please be sure to check and fill it in accordingly ASAP. This is important information regarding your shipping information.

Thank you all

for your patience and support throughout this whole process, we can’t thank you enough! Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great week!

Keep making!

Jack from 8BitCADE

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