Sharing Is Caring, And Money!

Sharing Is Caring, And Money!

Hi Makers, 

I really appreciate all of you who have shared the Kickstarter so far. with only 8 days left in the Kickstarter, I wanted to give back to all those that have helped bring 8BitCADE to where it is. 

I Want To Give Back Some Love, And Cash, For All Your Support!

I’ve created a referral program on a page called Kickbooster where you can earn 20% cashback from every pledge you bring in to our campaign. From sharing to your friends, family, social network and fellow makers, gamers and coders.

Here’s how you can set it up in seconds:

 1. Head Over To This Page And Press “Help Boost Our Campaign” 

 2. Create And Confirm Your Account. You Should Get An Email Confirmation!

Creating an account is free and takes seconds. Fill in the below information.

 3. Confirm Your Account

Once created, you will need to confirm your account before you can get sharing.

 Below is an example of the confirmation email, click CONFIRM ACCOUNT, to get started.

 4. Get Your Personal Referral Link. 

This is the link you will share and any pledges made through this link, you will get 20% cashback!

This email talks about the program, the link and how it works. Be sure to take a read!

5. Share The Link On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Wherever You Like!

Copy the link and send it to your friends! Be sure to check out this folder for images, videos and photos that you can use to share online!

Now share with all your friends, or anyone you think would be interested!

 6. Check Your Dashboard To Keep Track Of Your Referrals And Commissions. 

Thank you to all of you who already shared the campaign and all your support so far, you are amazing!

 Let’s Get The Word Out About 8BitCADE, Together!

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a message or write a comment! I’m always reading them!

Keep making!

Jack from 8BitCADE

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