New Stock Update: Largest Batch Yet! Preorder To Lock-In Your Console

New Stock Update: Largest Batch Yet! Preorder To Lock-In Your Console

Hi all!

I hope you are well!

It’s Jack here from 8BitCADE! It’s been a while…. But there’s good news! We are working on some super cool projects that… I can’t quite talk about yet! 

We are also getting closer and closer to the pre-order shipping date so I wanted to start posting updates to keep you informed! We are super excited to send out this next batch for you guys as it will be the largest batch to date!

Our Largest Batch To Date!

It’s almost been 1 whole year since the first Kickstarter – it’s been a crazy ride! In light of that, we wanted to make sure everyone who is interested in getting a console, can actually get one! This will be the largest batch to date and we are super excited to get them in your hands!  

What Stage Are We At With This Batch?

It’s been super fun and stressful making sure we can scale the production to the size we want to be at. Like any startup, we had some setbacks along the way. The chip shortage is still very real and has definitely affected us – which is why it took us a little bit longer to source the parts as the prices have increased by about 30 to 40% – crazy right? 

Right now we are waiting on the screens to be delivered by tomorrow or the day after. Once arrived, we will be able to start testing, packaging and shipping the orders out to you!

When Can I Expect A Tracking Number?

We are super excited to say we have quite a few pre-orders for this batch. Good problems right? We will try our hardest to ship them all out as soon as we can but please appreciate we only have so many hands!

How Can I Get In Contact With You?

If you have any issues, questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with myself at or

I will be more than happy to help out and absolutely love talking to you guys!

Where Can I Stay Up To Date?

You are in the right place! Whether you got here through your emails or found it on the website. The next best place to get updates from us is our social media:

Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Facebook 

Fan of Facebook groups? Well, why not join ours?

We are starting to build a little space on Facebook where Makers, Coders and 8BitCADERS can come together and ask questions, share projects and talk about all things to do with making! I’ll also be on there actively commenting, posting and talking with each of you to learn more about you!

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, then head on other and send in a request here:

We already have 75 great makers involved and some really cool projects already up for you to take a look at! 

That’s All For Today Folks!

I appreciate your time, patience and support in helping me and 8BitCADE grow and develop over time! I am absolutely stunned at the amount of support you guys give and can’t wait to tell you about some of the super awesome stuff we have planned! 

Thank you!


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