Learn More About 8BitCADE

Learn More About 8BitCADE

Hi Makers,

Just wanted to keep you guys updated. Regarding Kickstarter, we are waiting for the funds to be transferred to us so we can order your consoles! We have managed to sort out manufacturing a lot quicker than expected and hope to deliver the 8bitcade XL to you quicker than expected. No promises though as COVID 19 is causing a lot of issues – we will keep you updated.

On a brighter note, below are a bunch of links to varies media articles about 8BitCADE that should keep you busy while you wait! (We are working on another game review, sit tight!) The most recent one is an interview I did for Qatar Living! This interview covers a more personal side of 8BitCADE. About myself, the struggles I faced and the lessons I learned. If you have 5 minutes, it’s an interesting read!

Some suggested reads:

  • DIYODE Magazine: did an amazing magazine that covers everything from me as a maker, to the 8BitCADE XL console and future of 8BitCADE. Check it out here 
  • The Qatar Living interview can be found here 
  • Hackster.io will look very similar to the Kickstarter information. But you can find that here!

Remember you can get your kits over at the 8bitcade website and you can access all of the tutorials/guides in the learn/make section. Stay tuned!

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great week!

Keep making,

Jack from 8BitCADE

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