Indiegogo INDEMAND + 10% Referral Is Back! + Updates

Indiegogo INDEMAND + 10% Referral Is Back! + Updates

The 8BitCADE XL Is Now On IndieGoGo INDEMAND!

Hi Makers!

I have some super cool news! We are now on Indiegogo indemand! We have been super busy working on the 8BitCADE XL however we have decided to put some MORE units up for grabs to be shipped with the Kickstarter batch. 

For those that didn’t get a chance to get a kit, or for anyone you know that wasn’t able to get a kit, you can head over to either the 8bitcade website or now, IndieGoGo. (if you want to purchase an individual tool kit you can do so at the 8bitcade website, these are the latest tool kits with the updated tools).Check it out here

With the new Indiegogo INDEMAND campaign comes a new way to get some cash! Earn 10% cash back for every pledge made through your dedicated link. Check out my previous update to understand how this works. 

The signup link is here. All previous boosters have been invited to take part in the new campaign. Be sure to check it out!

New Content [Over the week]


Hope you are all well during COVID. We are working hard sourcing parts, finalising tutorials and preparing for shipments to allow you to get your console ASAP. If you have any queries regarding 8BitCADE, the console or the Kickstarter. Feel free to email us at! 

Note for some backers: Some backers have payment issues. If you could please sort this out ASAP to ensure there are no further delays that would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at to address any issues or errors you might have. The error is as follows: Payment failed: This can originate from an expired card or other validity issues. 

Keep Making!

Jack from 8Bitcade

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