Fully Funded – Thank You!

Fully Funded – Thank You!

33 Days Later With 154 8BitCADERS And We Are Funded!

Thank you to all those that have supported, both directly with backing and getting a console and indirectly with sharing and telling your friends about 8BitCADE.

However, the fun doesn’t stop here! Check out 8bitcade.com for everything 8BitCADE and the update section on Kickstarter and the new 8BitCADE blog for future updates!

We are working hard on bringing you your new console as soon as possible! Stay tuned and follow us @8bitcade (@8bitcadeedu for Instagram) to get more 8bit goodness.

Important! Those that missed the Kickstarter:

For those that missed the Kickstarter, we have some consoles available on the website for purchase. Please note that these units will be shipped with the Kickstarter batch in mid-November and I will keep you updated with the progress on the 8BitCADE Blog and the Kickstarter Updates – so keep an eye out!

Thank you all so much once more, I’m super excited to see what all of you do with your new console!

Keep making!

Jack from 8BitCADE

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