Any Minute Now! Short Update + New Tetris Tutorial

Any Minute Now! Short Update + New Tetris Tutorial

Hi Backers,

A short update, I just wanted to keep you updated regarding where we are at with the consoles and shipment. We are currently waiting to receive the final sample any minute now! As soon as this is checked, we are going to begin sending out the consoles to you!

Why a delay? Well, due to COVID 19, there have been delays in getting parts supplied and samples delivered to us for review. Personally, I do not feel comfortable sending out a DIY kit that is hard to assemble with low-quality parts. I have been working hard to ensure you end up with a high-quality console that you can put together with ease following our tutorials.

Fan of Tetris?

We have also been hard at work bringing you a new project-based tutorial – fan of Tetris? That’s right! You can learn to code your own Tetris game! In this tutorial, we cover everything from coding a game engine so you can control your tetromino, to creating a graphics engine to display the game to your screen!

For those interested, we will be releasing this new tutorial when we send out the final 8BitCADE kits so you get a cool project to get your teeth into!

Coding Tetris: An in-depth Guide!

Thank you kindly for your patience and support during this process. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns (at I’ll update you further next week. Have a great weekend!

Best regards,

Jack from 8BitCADE

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