All Of The Pre-Orders Have Been Sent Out!

All Of The Pre-Orders Have Been Sent Out!

We Have Great News!

Hi all!

A majority of the pre orders have been sent out! Some orders have been delayed due to incorrect shipping details (if this is the case, check your emails as you would have received an email from us!) however the rest of you will have an email waiting for you letting you know your orders tracking number so you can see where your package is!

Please note that some customers have advised us that their tracking number email ended up in the SPAM folder! So, If you cant seem to find an email from us then take a look at your SPAM folder, if you still cant seem to find it, send us an email at and we will resend your information! No worries!

For a quick summary, you can check out the below video here posted on our instagram stories!

Thank You!

This has been the largest pre order batch yet! So thank you so much for your help and support – it means alot!

As always, if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to get in contact, we are here to help!

Best regards,

Jack Daly

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