8BitCADE XL Make Video

8BitCADE XL Make Video

Hi Backers, 

I hope you are all well! It’s awesome to see that some of you have received your consoles!

I’m excited to announce to you that we have been hard at work recording, editing and creating a new supplement to your MAKE experience. We spent time refining the Make Guide, Visual parts list, but now we have something new.

We have created the 8BitCADE XL Make Video that will aid you in assembling your 8BitCADE XL.

You can find the video below, a complete guide from unpacking the kit, to how to build your console, step by step, to even turning on the console and playing your first game!

Thank you kindly for your support and patience – I cant wait to see your XL’s being created and played! If you have any issues/queries, please feel free to message me at support@8bitcade.com!

Best regards,

Jack Daly

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