8BitCADE Tool Kit – Adding Some Things!

8BitCADE Tool Kit – Adding Some Things!

As We Begin Getting Ready To Fulfil Your Orders, We Are Adding Some Things!

We took another look at the tool kit and decided to add some extra things for you – for free! Check out the list of the new content of the tool kit below!

Also, check out the new tool kit logo! Awesome right!
  •  Soldering iron – The main tool in your arsenal that you will be needing.
  •  Full roll of Solder – This is used what the soldering iron melts to join the components to the PCB. While you won’t need a full roll, we want to set you up for more projects!
  •  Solder Sucker –  To remove, fix or clean up any solder joints.
  •  Wire Cutters – Once your parts are soldered to your PCB, you need to trim them! Wire cutters will come in handy for this.
  •  Screw Driver Set – A full interchangeable screwdriver bit set, use to screw your kit together! With this, you’ll be able to assemble your console, but also have a full screwdriver set!
  •  Long Nose Pliers – A useful tool in your arsenal, used to help place components and tighten the screws on your consoles case

Tools are important and we want to make them last! With this tool kit, we aim for it to not only be sufficient enough to build your 8BitCADE XL console, but to also help you with any other electrical projects you might have in the future. A kit that will be your companion as you enter the world of electronics!

Missed The Kickstarter?

In case you missed the Kickstarter, feel free to check out the shop where you can order your XL/tool kit to be shipped with the Kickstarter batch! Forgot to get a tool kit, get it here!

Keep making!

Jack from 8BitCADE

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