Why Video Games Make Great STEM Teaching Tools

Why Video Games Make Great STEM Teaching Tools

Teach STEM To Kids And Adults With A Programmable Gaming Console! 

Science, technology, engineering, and math, otherwise known as STEM is an educational focus that promotes developing skills in these fields. Schools are placing more emphasis on innovative STEM teaching as they prepare students for the career paths of tomorrow. 

No matter a person’s age, many people learn best when they can apply knowledge to something tangible. Today, we’re going to discuss how programming video games can also be used as an effective STEM teaching tool. 

Gaming Is A Teaching Tool Of The Future 

Gaming has never dominant global culture more than it does right now. Here are some facts that might surprise you: 

  • One-third of the global population plays video games
  • Almost three-quarters of all United States households own a gaming device
  • Over 70% of parents believe that video games are a positive influence
  • More than half of parents play video games with their children 

Billions of people worldwide gravitate to video games for entertainment. Why not use them to enhance the learning experience and teach valuable skills? 

How To Use Video Games As A STEM Teaching Tool

Teaching STEM skills to entry-level learners requires taking complex topics and simplifying them into fun and engaging applications. Using video game and console programming can provide a culturally relevant way for a person to grasp these essential topics. 

Here are some key aspects of a great STEM learning experience: 

  • Engaging coding challenges to inspire coders to apply their skills in new and interesting ways 
  • Teach by doing with projects that produce something a learner can actually use 
  • Encourage creativity and allow the learner to make their experience their own 
  • Have fun – that’s what video games are all about! 

Learn With A STEM-Focused Gaming Console! 

Since we launched our first console, 8BitCADE has been committed to making STEM learning fun by allowing people to make gaming their own. With our classic 8BitCADE and 8BitCADE XL, you can learn how to build and program your own handheld retro gaming console with a library of over 200 games. 

The 8BitCADE Level Up is our next-generation STEM teaching tool for gaming enthusiasts. When you purchase your console, you’ll learn how to code your own games and play them! 
8BitCADE Level Up users also receive access to our Learn platform where you can access daily coding challenges, project-based tutorials that produce tangible results, and an online emulator to streamline the whole process! To learn more, visit our Kickstarter to help bring an exciting new STEM teaching tool to life.

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