8BitCADE Teaching Over 1,000 Students and Adults STEM Through Building Their Own Gaming Console!

8BitCADE Teaching Over 1,000 Students and Adults STEM Through Building Their Own Gaming Console!

Qatar – Oct 8, 2021 — 8BitCADE, a company dedicated to introducing STEM to the world in a fun and innovative way, has already taught over 1,000 students, children, teens, and adults electronics and programming! 8BitCADE was founded by Jack Daly, an 18-year old entrepreneur with a passion for electronics. As a kid, Jack spent a lot of time with his father building cool inventions, soldering components to PCBs, and coding games. After creating his own gaming console, Jack realized he wanted to share the passion and excitement of electronics with the rest of the world, which led to the creation of 8BitCADE.

The 8BitCADE XL gaming console has become the core of many electronics workshops all over the world, recently gaining traction in the Middle East, Australia, UK, and United States. The 8BitCADE line encompasses several DIY projects where users take a hands-on, practical approach to building and coding their own gaming consoles! Every component is packaged neatly into a little kit waiting to be soldered together.

8BitCADE consoles have even made their way into a leading British international school in Qatar, where professors host workshops centered around the console to teach students how to code.

“Coding and electronics are such daunting fields to get into if you haven’t had any experience with them before,” commented Jack Daly. “You just don’t know where to start.”

Jack aspires to make it easy for anyone and everyone to learn the fundamentals of coding and electronics. While the DIY kit focused more on making, the new 8BitCADE Level Up comes pre-built and focuses completely on coding through the Level Up learning platform.

“My 13-year-old son and I have learned a ton from this process,” remarked Randy Burris, “It is a great and fun way to get introduced to electronic components, soldering, and programming,” 

“We couldn’t ask for a more fun approach to teach our students how to code,” expressed Benjamin Smith from Tech Teens Workshop, an educational center dedicated to introducing students to STEM. “Students are extremely motivated to understand the complex applications of electronics and coding to create their own gaming console.”

8BitCADE aspires to continually create more projects, tutorials, and make it even easier for anyone and everyone to get started in STEM.

Press Contact: Ondrian Yeung
Email: ondrian@8bitcade.com
Instagram: instagram.com/8bitcade/ 

Photo by Jack Tunstall- Instagram: instagram.com/jacktunstallp/ 

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