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About Us

Who are we?

About Us

Our Mission

Innovate the education industry by teaching children core STEM skills in a fun and rewarding way – through the line of 8BitCADE Consoles! 

These are DIY kits that formulate to create fun and exciting hand-held gaming consoles – used for both entertainment and learning.

We utilize the Arduino platform to make learning programming fun, exciting and rewarding. Learn both programming and game development with 8BitCADE.

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Check out the kickstarter page for an indepth look into the 8BitCADE XL!

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Who am i?

Hi! I’m Jack Daly and I am a student & founder of 8BitCADE. Ever since I was young I’ve had a keen interest in anything electronic. I have a passion for design, programming, electronics – but also for retro games and consoles.

The 8BitCADE is my retro passion packaged in a compact, fun and exciting console – providing endless hours of entertainment. I love that I can play games from all over the world, and learn from one of the greatest gaming communities – Arduboy!

Previously, my love for retro consoles took me to something with a larger form factor! I designed an arcade machine with a twist. The casing was made of recycled coffee grounds as I partnered with an international coffee brand.

During my early stages of learning Arduino, I tinkered with a range of mini-projects. From a machine which gave gifts to young children if they solved math problems, to a smart fish tank system that maintained your tank and fed your fish!

I’ve also dabbled in educational courses. I’ve helped deliver robotics and electronics courses using Arduino, a build your own Arcade Machine course (in which the arcade machine was designed by myself and a colleague beforehand) and published my own Udemy course online about the basics of Adobe Illustrator – in which I have taught over 10,000 students! Check it out, it’s free!

My latest project is 8BitCADE.

I’ve been developing 8BitCADE XL for 6 months now and am now ready to take it to the next level with the help of you! I am exceptionally pleased to be able to present my contribution to the world of makers, learners and gamers as I feel the 8BitCADE is a product of a great deal of community work.

8BitCADE's story

8BitCADE started in 2019 with the 8BitCADE. This was a small handheld gaming console that was used to run a short after school activity at my school – driven by myself and a colleague. It was used to educate students about electronics, programming and PCB design. 

After gaining student feedback and using my own experience, I realized a couple of core things needed to be updated. The screen size needed to be enlarged, the casing made more comfortable and the addition of a memory chip to store more than one game. I wanted to focus on improving the gaming side of the console by adding these core aspects.
Thus the  8BitCADE XL was born – the ultimate 8Bit gaming device. More Screen, updated board, comfortable case – a retro gamer’s dream. 
The 8BitCADE XL had many prototypes, however, a lot of knowledge was carried forward from the creation of the 8BitCADE. The development of the 8BitCADE helped shape the console you see today – the 8BitCADE XL.
As I had experience creating a curriculum around a gaming console the 8BitCADE predecessor – I decided to enhance the learning potential of the 8BitCADE XL and created the website 8bitcade.com. I designed the platform in an intuitive manner to allow students to access the learning resources on their own accord. 
As popularity grew, I knew I had to take the 8BitCADE XL to the next level. Which brings me to today. With the help of you and the community, we can bring the 8BitCADE XL to life.

The console created for makers, by makers

Arduboy Compatibility

The 8BitCADE XL is inspired by the brilliant people over at the Arduboy Community. Many of the games on the 8BitCADE XL were created by the community – such as your favourite retro game titles like Virus, Circuit Dude and Donkey Kong.

The Arduboy has a large community of makers, programmers and 8-bit game enthusiasts, created by the great Kevin Bates. It’s the perfect community to help new programmers prosper and I’m excited to introduce 8BitMakers to the expertise of the Arduboy Community, allowing them to learn, grow and program within an established community.

The 8BitCADE Loader is based on the work of the talented Mr Blinky. Because of his hard work, the 8BitCADE XL can also be integrated easily with any Arduboy game using the helpful HomeMade Arduboy Package

Our Core Values

We believe that learning design and electronics shouldn’t be a boring and systematic process – learning should be adventurous and rewarding. Finding worth in learning through creating a usable product that can be enjoyed time after time.